What is a Website? and its importance in my Business

The Internet is advancing by leaps and bounds and with it the business opportunities based on positioning and offering Internet users information, products and services that can find a click away grow. That is why it is important for us to clarify what is a website? What is a web page? What types of website exist? among many other questions and arcana that you should know to receive a presence on your website on the web and more importantly, make the decision to carry out your business to another level. But to get there, we will start with the most basic issues.

Clarify and understand concepts

This whole world of the internet has many concepts that you must understand; which revolve around the learning that it is a website, what are its main features and its components. Therefore, we will address these concepts, distancing ourselves from the gross error when integrating them.

Difference between web page and website

We will start by understanding what is a web page ?. A web page is a single page that makes up the website. You should keep in mind that since a website is the set of pages, google reference pages and not an entire site. It is possible to have a page on google and others not on the same website, depending on your goals. If you ask yourself, then what is a website? We will tell you that a website is the set of many web pages, that is; When we refer to a website, we talk about a set of pages in which we find relevant information about our business. A website will consist of a product page, a contact page, a page of who we are etc.

What is the web – Understand the cobweb

One of the available definitions of the Web is cobweb, it sounds strange and even weirder if we think, what will the person who baptized it in this way lose in the head? Well, it is not difficult to understand the concept when we imagine the Web as a web that is composed of millions of threads, communicating with each other; From this point his name begins to make sense. However, if we think in this way, this web could not be the Web but rather the World Wide Web or (WWW). The Web could be defined as an electronic document that contains a rich format and is adapted to be part of the World Wide Web (WWW). In sum and with the sole purpose of understanding that it is a website, we could say that the World Wide Web (WWW) is the web, or the logical system of internet access and the web is one of the documents that is part of the WWW or cobweb and can be consulted through a client (browser).

How to be part of the Web

Starting from the fact that you already have clear concepts and understand what a website is, we are going to inquire a little about how to be part of this web. The web (WWW), is a space inhabited by millions of businesses worldwide thanks to websites. Thanks to different protocols such as HTTP, we can browse through the network and request documents enriched with languages ​​such as HTML, CSS or JAVASCRIPT, which paint in our browser, information translated into websites. These websites can be of different types and contain different information. The way to be part of the web is to create a website tailored not only to my needs, but also to the needs of the users; In this way your business will become part of this web (WWW), reaching millions of users and potential customers. Now it is not only about understanding what a website is and creating it, it is also about using good positioning practices, following the guidelines of the search engines and adopting tips and rules that allow us to not only be in the web but also Be in a good position in your threads. All these aspects will be discussed later.

Make the decision - Importance of a website

Creating a website composed of web pages with good content is becoming one of the indispensable factors to contribute a broad growth in the value chain of our business or entrepreneurship. Taking into account that it generates credibility to your business, your customers will always be in contact with you and informed about the news of your business or brand, improve and personalize your customer service among many other reasons. Currently we have several free and paid tools that allow us to create a website that can serve as a showcase for our products, as a springboard for new businesses or simply to publicize our ideas through a blog. the internet, cobweb or WWW, with an immense commercial center in which millions of people go to look for services and products to meet their needs. Imagine having a space in this huge shopping center where you can offer your products or services reaching a large part of these millions of users. Having your business with an active presence in the network is essential for your brand, taking into account that the cost-benefit ratio is huge and the failure to do so in the long term will be even more expensive for your brand. The internet grows daily in an abysmal way and if you have an element of presentation on the network, you will grow along with it. Now let’s see some of the tangible and intangible advantages of having a website.

Know the advantages and strengthen your idea

Since you are clear that it is a website and the most important concepts that integrate its definition, we will further strengthen your idea of ​​creating a website, addressing some advantages and disadvantages of a website or a website for your business.

Creating the web

The web world is very broad terrain but nevertheless you can count on The Neon Blvd Web Experts that will be with you all the way to get your desired result, we will give you the perfect tools you need for your business website. Some of these tools are:

CMS Platform

A CMS is a system that allows us to manage a website in a simple way, through an administration interface. With this interface you can insert or modify texts, images among other aspects of your website, without the need to have knowledge in development and create an easy project through web page templates. You should keep in mind that all websites are not the same, everyone will have a different objective, so you must be very clear about what you are looking for with your website and choose the right solution. WordPress is a licensed CMS platform, focused on blogs, corporate pages and online stores. This is a widely supported and documented CMS thanks to its large community, which is why it is one of the great favorites when having a website.

Greater visibility for your business

Among the features of a website or better among the advantages, we can find the visibility that can give your business. And it becomes increasingly difficult to understand why? Some companies do not yet have a well positioned website in this web (WWW). You must see it on the side of competitiveness, regardless of whether your business is large or small, you should consider having a web presence, having a digital presence and giving that extra boost to your business.

Low cost for your marketing and advertising campaigns

There are many differences between the definition of what a website is and what digital marketing is, but something they have in common is its importance and how the two concepts are integrated to support your business. Having a website allows you to have a tool that will give your business a digital presence and therefore digital advertising that will be low cost if you support your web project with SEO tools, a blog and everything you need to position your site in search engines.

Reinvigor your online presence

The Neon Blvd is your ultimate partner to get an exceptional website design in Las Vegas. With keen attention to detail, we produce beautifully designed websites that deliver results.

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